All you need are… cashews?

Recently, an interesting meme popped up in my Facebook newsfeed. You know, the type that makes an incredible health claim, with no facts to back it up? Yeah, one of those. This one related to a topic that not only has more than its fair share of stigma associated with it already, but also is a DANGEROUS illness when left untreated. In many instances, this illness is not only dangerous to those suffering it, but also to individuals around them or in their care, depending on the severity. This illness affects every aspect of a person’s life: how they think, how they feel, their behaviors, their emotional state. It can affect even normal, everyday activities that other people take completely for granted. That’s right, I’m talking about depression.

So let’s take a look at depression first. Read More »


The rabbit hole to HPV

Anytime a Catholic or pro-life website posts something regarding medicine, I take a deep breath and brace for the worst. Why? Despite our brilliant history of “fides et ratio”, there’s nothing like the intersection of medical science and human sexuality to send Catholics into a tizzy. We wind up going down a rabbit hole, furiously digging to uncover some nefarious, anti-life plot, seeing its specter at every turn. So, I was not surprised (though incredibly disappointed) to see the National Catholic Register link to what could only be charitably described as a pablum of unmitigated, anti-vaccine misinformation regarding Gardasil, the vaccine for human papillomavirus (HPV).Read More »