Gnosticism and Alternative Health Practices

There is something in human nature that always looks for more, always reaching for the next rung or the sweeter fruit, whatever that appears to be.  Instead of observing, analyzing, consulting and revisiting, we grasp for what is not given to us, and the allure of the secret knowledge remains ever persistent.  Magic trumps the mundane, and we can so invisibly slide towards preferring the devil we don’t know to the doctor or doctrine we do. Read More »


Pornography and Marriage : A Personal Account: Part Two {Science and Resources}

In my last blog post I shared my personal account of pornography and other sex addiction within my marriage.  While it’s normal and understandable as the wife of a sex addict to take your husband’s “acting out” personally, I have found it extremely helpful to understand the science behind pornography and other sex addiction as a path to my healing.  Personal healing in this journey cannot be overemphasized.  It’s natural to want to hurry up and “fix” the addict but the trauma to spouses as a result of their husband’s sex addiction is very real and also must be dealt with.  One question I had was why was my husband viewing pornography when I had literally never rejected him sexually even one time.  Never.  So I started researching what pornography does to the brain.  It’s not pretty.  Read More »

Giving Tuesday

Today, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, is Giving Tuesday, a day set aside to remember with our donations the charities that can benefit so much from our support during the Christmas season.  There are many worthwhile charities that preserve the dignity of the human person at so many various stages of life.  I invite our commenters to let us know about any other charities and non profit groups they are proud to support, and I will update this post accordingly.Read More »