Giving Tuesday

Today, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, is Giving Tuesday, a day set aside to remember with our donations the charities that can benefit so much from our support during the Christmas season.  There are many worthwhile charities that preserve the dignity of the human person at so many various stages of life.  I invite our commenters to let us know about any other charities and non profit groups they are proud to support, and I will update this post accordingly.


In the meanwhile, I wanted to share Voices for Vaccines with you, as one of my favorite non profit organizations.


In too much of the discussion about the topic of immunization, the default medical voice becomes the “pro-vax” position while parent voices are depicted as the cautious, questioning, and even vaccine rejecting by default.  Our friends at Voices for Vaccines work so hard to make sure that this is not the case, to guarantee that a pro-vaccine parent voice is heard. Today, December 2, they are asking for our help in getting pro-vaccine voices heard by gathering 1,000 donors who are willing to put their money where their anti-disease opinion is and give to VFV as part of their Giving Tuesday drive.

The Rational Catholic is happy to support Voices for Vaccines and to take these simple steps to help spread the word to 1,000 potential donors for today!

Join the Facebook event and invite friends.
Visit VFV on Giving Tuesday and donate any amount, great or small.

Share this video widely with friends, family, and colleagues:


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