Of Catholics, Conscience and California

Recently the Facebook Page “Californians for Vaccine Choice” published a letter written by Debi Vinnedge, Executive Director of Children of God for Life, to California State Senator Joel Anderson.  Having been subject to a major measles outbreak just a few short months ago, the California legislature has been examining ways to prevent further outbreaks from occurring in the future, culminating with Senate Bill 277.  In her letter, Ms. Vinnedge talks about, among other things, the right of conscience and the lack of alternative vaccines carrying no taint of remote cooperation with evil for Californians who would otherwise immunize their children.

First of all, what is a vaccine mandate?  A vaccine mandate is not the same as compulsory vaccination.  In no state in the United States is any immunization compulsory.  There are no places where a child will be forcibly vaccinated over and against parental objections or legitimate medical contraindications.  This is not an edict imposed on the masses to ensure complete compliance of the population with a Big Brotherly demand that all children submit to medical procedures deemed necessary by the state.Read More »