Seeing Christ in Others: Recognizing the Gifts of the Disabled

This past week, I read an article that’s been making its rounds on social media about a mother in London who won the “right” to murder her daughter. The judges were swayed by the claim that the daughter was in pain and just wanted to be at peace. Ironic, then, that the mother chose one of the most painful ways for her child to die, starving her for 14 days until she finally succumbed to the lack of nutrition and fluids. Nancy did not have a terminal disease, nor was she in some way injured so severely that there was no hope of her living. In fact, she was breathing on her own and not on life support. Rather, her mother sought to end her life simply because she was disabled, needing round the clock care and unable to talk or walk. This mother, and the judges who decided to play God with the life of this 12 year old child, made the decision that her life had less value than theirs did.Read More »


All you need are… cashews?

Recently, an interesting meme popped up in my Facebook newsfeed. You know, the type that makes an incredible health claim, with no facts to back it up? Yeah, one of those. This one related to a topic that not only has more than its fair share of stigma associated with it already, but also is a DANGEROUS illness when left untreated. In many instances, this illness is not only dangerous to those suffering it, but also to individuals around them or in their care, depending on the severity. This illness affects every aspect of a person’s life: how they think, how they feel, their behaviors, their emotional state. It can affect even normal, everyday activities that other people take completely for granted. That’s right, I’m talking about depression.

So let’s take a look at depression first. Read More »