Meet our contributors! We have different experiences, education, and writing styles. And we will probably (amicably) disagree with each other at various points. What binds us as Rational Catholic bloggers is our shared a commitment to seek truth in homage of the One who is the way, the truth, and the life.


Laura C.







Cristine T.


10 thoughts on “Contributors

  1. I LOVE the concept of this blog. If I may be so bold, I wanted to suggest someone else you might be interested in chatting with, and possibly bring on for guest posts or something. Elizabeth Hoxie. She has mostly focused on theology in her writing, but she did a double major–Catholic theology and biology. This is her Ignitum Today profile, but I could also put you in touch with her personally (won’t she be surprised? lol)

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  2. I wonder if someone could address the issue of global warming. If it has merit, then also address the scientific status of the assumption that global warming should be reacted to in any specific manner (political management, technological management, carbon panic, etc.).

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  3. I am very happy to have stumbled upon this blog (through Catholic blogger Simcha Fisher). I was wondering if you might address the purported link between abortion and breast cancer. I see this touted as fact throughout pro-life circles, and yet the general scientific community seems to think there is no link. So does this claim have any merit or not? I’d love to see this written from a “Rational Catholic” point of view!


  4. Love, love, love your website! I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time. Can anyone comment on the recent controversy in Kenya with the tetanus vaccine supposedly laced with anti-HCG hormones? I’ve found some literature from the 1990s refuting the testing methodology that linked tetanus vaccines and sterilization campaigns in Mexico, but I’m having a hard time wading through the internet to find answers. Also, it concerns me that the claims came from a cardinal and the country’s bishops. Thanks!


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